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Free Trickster Online is a MMO role-playing game with anime inspired artwork
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Trickster Online is a MMO role-playing game with anime inspired artwork. It has an overall funny and childish design, making it appropriate for all ages. It has 2D graphics, but it looks really good and has a lot of interesting animations and a really wide variety of monsters. It is set in a fantasy world loaded with funny quests and interesting characters.

At first you need to create a character. There are a total of 8 different classes to choose from and each one is different from others. You can also manually distribute its basic points, and create sort of a custom class. Other than this, you cannot really customize your character, besides choosing a different color. After all this is done, you can enter the game world. You'll be greeted by a tutorial which will explain some of the game's main features through some quests. There is no big focus on the story, basically you arrive on an island and you start your adventure from there, meeting new people, discovering new places and so on. The game has a very nice guidance system. A big arrow over your head will always guide you in the direction of your current objective. This is very good, since the game is pretty big, and without this feature, a lot of time could be wasted just to find what you're looking for.

The game mechanics are similar to most 2D RPG's. Moving and attacking is done with the mouse and besides some hotkeys, there is really little use for the keyboard. To attack you just have to click on a creep and your character will automatically hit it until it kills it. A thing that bothered me at first was that, there were a lot of really high level creeps in the starting area. Usually the starting area is filled with creeps that are of very low level, perfectly suited for new players to kill. This is not the case in Trickster Online, and you really need to be careful which creep you hit, because a lvl30 enemy can kill you in one blow. There are other interesting aspects about the game, like the fact that it follows a day/night cycle. Another nice fact is that, when you level up, you'll be rewarded with evolution points, which can be used to make your character stronger in some specific areas. This is very similar to the old style of MMO games, where you could really customize your class, however you need to be careful and keep it somewhat balanced. Too many points in Power, for example, will make your character very strong, but he won't be able to use magical skills. Another nice feature is that the experience rate is really high, meaning you'll level up really fast. This is very good, because no one likes grinding for hours on end just to gain a few XP bars.

Trickster Online is a generally fun and interesting game. It is worth giving a shot if you're a fan of anime, or just like seemingly childish games in general.

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  • Nice artwork
  • A wide variety of enemies
  • Easy to play
  • Good guiding system


  • Outdated graphics
  • Slow Gameplay

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Nice interface, you can add your smilies, have private chat with one/several person. Very good for using internally in the office.

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it's great but sometimes it's boring...

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